Victoria Quispe
Julia Rafaele
Oswaldo Rafaele
Octavia Rafaele
Bacilia Rafaele
Milagros Ccallo
Juana Mamani
Senovia Quispe
Francisca Huamán
Valentina Quispe
Agustín Cuturi
Silvestre Cusihuata

Since 2009, I have been a member of Ticllas de Antisuyo, an association dedicated to the production, dissemination and sale of traditional textile art in the district of Pitumarca, of which I am currently holding the position of president.

As a manifestation of the living culture that is rooted in the artistic expressions, I have transmitted my knowledge of the development of these techniques and iconographic manifestations to my daughters and sons, now weavers and at the same time members of the Ticllas de Antisuyo association. 

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